I was born in Mexico City in 1978. I lived there for 25 years until I emigrated to Spain to continue my cinematographic studies.

In my country started my interest and appreciation for art, the image, composition, aesthetics and the managing of the colors and forms. Even the country and its culture as such, helped in a way, by being visually so rich and diverse.

As I began to study I found that all of this was brought together in photography and the moving image, which led me to go deeper and further on these disciplines.

Later, when I got to Europe I received an enormous torrent of new visual, artistic and aesthetic influences that complemented perfectly with everything I learned in my country. 

I developed and went deep on my cinematographic studies and learned the techniques of the discipline, even until today I continue renewing them by following along the growth of the industry, as well as with what happens in every film set in which I take part of, with every audio-visual piece that I watch or with the professional challenges appearing ahead.

Academic Information

Cinematography and Media Communication


  • 10-2007 / 07-2008

Course on Cinematography for video at Instituto del Cine Madrid (NIC). Madrid, España.


  • 10-2003 / 06-2006

Cinematographer studies at Madrid’s official film school. Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid (ECAM) Madrid, España.


  • 06-1998 / 05-2002

University degree on Media communication at Universidad Intercontinental (UIC). México, D.F.


Other Courses


  • 07 – 2009

Workshop on Digital movie cameras, high-end tools and their common workflows, instructed by Rafa Roche, professional consultant and trainer on digital cinematography and high-end cameras. Madrid, España.    


  • 05-2007 / 08-2007

Professional lighting for advertising and fashion workshop at the renowned photography school EFTI. Madrid, España.


  • 1999 / 2000

Several photography courses of black and white and colour slide 35mm film and their respective lab processes at photojournalism and photography school: “Nacho López”. México, D.F.


  • 04 - 2000

Intensive workshop of cinematography instructed by polish cinematographer Janusz Polom at Asociación Mexicana de Cineastas Independientes (AMCI), México, D.F.




  • English: Written – Advanced level / Oral - Advanced level

I started studying english since primary school all the way trough university. During this last stage, I also atended to a language school named “Instituto Superior  Angloamericano” in Mexico City.

Finally, I went to  Western Town College at Vancouver, Canada. were I lived for several months.


  • Portuguese: Written – intermediate level / Oral - intermediate level

I studied  portuguese language for 2 straight years at Centro de Estudos Brasileiros (CEB), which is a school who belongs to the brazilian embassy in Mexico City.



During several years in Mexico as in Spain, I've had an intense preparation on media communication and cinematography. This time allowed me to grow up professionally and learned a lot, thanks to all kind of projects that I got involved in and also all the job opportunities I had.    

Through the continuous practice of my profession in all positions in the cinematographic department, over 15 years in Mexico and some countries in Europe, especially in Spain, I have strengthened my skills and continue acquiring new knowledge according to growth and evolution of new technologies in cinematography.  

In each project I give myself up to obtain the visual and narrative goals, adding my technical skills, my aesthetic and my particular creative style.

Another important guideline in my work is collaboration and teamwork. Without a doubt, this is the key to succeed.

And at the end, considering all this learning, experience and passion for my job, it is that I have absolute confidence for coping as director of photography in all circumstances, with any type of crews.